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FIA Appendix K Morris Mini Cooper S

Price: £66,000

This ready to race Genuine MK1 Morris Mini Cooper S has a long and interesting history in rallying and racing. In 1990 the car was rallied in Northern Ireland and in 1997 repaired south to the Republic, where it was rallied until 2000 when the car was bought by the current owner, who decided to race it. The engine was upped from 1293cc through 1360 to 1380cc and between 2002 and 2016 competed in 61 races 8 Hill Climbs and 5 Sprints . From 2005 the car was also raced in the UK with the 3 British Touring Car Champions : John “Smokin” Rhodes, Barry “Whizzo” Williams and Alec Poole and the car was put into British Vita Regalia in honour of the 3, who had all raced for British Vita in the 1960’s. The car raced extensively in the HGTCC series, Masters, HRCA and others during this 14 year period. The car has just completed conversion to FIA Appendix K by Ray Cunningham and Nick Swift and has a full race 2017 Swiftune Works Spec 1293cc engine and Gearbox with one Brands Hatch set up and practice. The car is ready to race and would be available for a new owner to race it at The Donington Classic in April 2017. New Swiftune racing exhaust, bolted in Roll cage, strengthened subframes and all the latest suspension and set up tweeks. Also fitted with Swiftune Koni Dampers, Correct period Rose petal wheels, new CR65’s, Swiftune aluminium fuel tank, new Corbeau seat and harnesses. 2 Camera Racelogic Video VBox Lite.

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