Rally Minis

The rising popularity of historic rallying in the UK and the revival of famous pan-European classic rallies has given many enthusiasts the chance to get behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper S and relive the glory days of Hopkirk and Makinen.

Swiftune’s 50 years of experience tuning the A series engine means it is perfectly placed to produce rally power trains which deliver great driveability and superb reliability.

Nick Swift explains: “A wide spread of power is essential for rallying Minis which makes the camshaft selection and the cylinder head porting critical.” By increasing the air speed in the inlet tract and port, throttle response and torque improves – exactly what is needed for the inherently unpredictable nature of rallying driving.

Historic rally team, Soderqvist have successfully campaigned their original 1965 Rally Cooper S throughout the Swedish rally season. The highlight of the year competing in the WRC Swedish Rally event and for the last three years winning the 1300 class in the gruelling event.

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