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SW310-SPT tuftrided Race camshaft

SW310-SPT[tuftrided] Race camshaft

SW310-SPT[tuftrided] Race camshaft
£327.00 £392.40 incl VAT
SW310-SPT[tuftrided] Race camshaft


This is arguably the best full race cam available. We have built literally hundreds of race engines using this cam and proven it to be the most reliable, powerful race cam.

We first broke the 150 BHP barrier with the SW310SP!!

Latest design improvement is cross-drilling of the cam's base circle to deliver direct lubrication to the cam follower/cam lobe interface.

Tuftride hardened for super durabilty

Machining the SW310SP from custom steel billet ensures the highest quality steel is used and deeper surface hardening achieves the superb wear performance vital for a race camshaft.