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A-Series SW23T Race Camshaft

Swiftune SW23T [tuftrided] Billet Race Camshaft

Swiftune SW23T [tuftrided] Billet Race Camshaft
£340.00 £408.00 incl VAT
Swiftune SW23T [tuftrided] Billet Race Camshaft


SW23T - The Ultimate A-Series Race Camshaft

This new 300 degree race cam improves on the highly successful SW22 cam with higher mid-range torque so an impressive 90% of max torque is available from 4500 to 7500rpm. The SW23T design is for FIA Appendix K Minis and Formula Junior single seaters and used in 95% of all Swiftune race engines.

We also use this profile in our very successful 1380 race engines to produce an impressive 140 BHP @7500 and 112 ft/lbs torque @5500 RPM. With a power band from as low as 3000 RPM and up to 8000 RPM can you afford not to have one? See dyno graph image!

Latest design improvement is cross-drilling of the cam's base circle to deliver direct lubrication to the cam follower/cam lobe interface.

Tuftride hardened for super durability

Machining the SW23T on the latest CNC machine and producing from custom steel billet ensures the highest quality steel is used and deeper surface hardening achieves the superb wear performance vital for a race camshaft.