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Swiftune SC-3 Steel Crankshaft

Swiftune SC-3 Steel Crankshaft

Swiftune SC-3 Steel Crankshaft
£1,800.00 £2,160.00 incl VAT



The Latest Addition to the Swiftune Range of Crankshafts!

Swiftune commissioned an internationally renowned engineer to design a crankshaft that once produced would stand head and shoulders above the rest. It sits beside the already acclaimed DC-5 crankshaft to complement our range. The design features near perfect counterbalance making this the most efficient of all Mini cranks. 5-Axis milling creates the superbly crafted counterbalances. This together with the Through Hole journals has allowed us to reduce the Big End mass and is a feature of the most modern racing crankshafts. The scallops reduce weight whilst maintaining strength. This crankshaft also features an extended nose for extra support as well as a longer keyway *. The cranks are produced from EN40B grade steel by an industry leading manufacturer of high performance engine components. They are ground on CNC grinding machines for the highest accuracy. The crankshafts are of course Nitrided and individually numbered before being tested to ensure quality and performance. Available for 1300 or Cooper S block and employing standard size Cooper S Big End journal, this crank is suitable for all applications from 1293cc - 1380cc.

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The Ultimate Conventional Mini Crankshaft? We think so.

*If using the standard pulley a washer will be required to compensate for the extra length.