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Mini A-Series Racing Swiftune Feather Light Flywheel

Swiftune Feather Light Flywheel Complete Assembly

Swiftune Feather Light Flywheel Complete Assembly
£652.00 £782.40 incl VAT

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£652.00 £782.40 incl VAT


Swiftune is now offering its superb Feather Light Flywheel and Back Plate as a complete balanced assembly, ready for fitment to your engine. And the balancing is FREE!

The Flywheel assembly is built and balanced in-house on our dynamic balancing machine. It is critical that the assemblies are finely balanced to ensure a smooth revving engine at high RPM.

These assemblies are fitted to all of our Swiftune race engines and have been proven all around the world in many different competition applications.

They are built using only the highest quality components all manufactured in the UK.

By purchasing the flywheel and back plate assembly together there is no charge for balancing - a saving of £50.00.

The assembly includes,

1x Feather Light Flywheel
1x Feather Light Back Plate
1x AP Diaphragm (please choose above)
1x Clutch strap set
1x Clutch bolt set
1x AP Paddle clutch plate
1x Flywheel bolt and key

Flywheel suits pre-engaged starter motor only

Please choose Orange diaphragm for engines up to 130hp and Grey for any engines for 130+bhp. AP Rally plate also available on request. Please contact us if you need help.