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Mini A-Series Racing Swiftune Midget Steel Flywheel Kit

Swiftune Midget Steel Flywheel Kit

Swiftune Midget Steel Flywheel Kit
£671.00 £805.20 incl VAT


Steel flywheel kit with Caterham clutch kit designed to be used in all Midget race, rally and even performance road applications. Fits within the standard bell housing and uses the standard starter motor.

Caterham organic clutch is designed to withstand 200hp + so will have no problems with even the most powerful A series engines. In comparison to the F3 type clutch the Caterham conversion has a noticeably smoother clutch application with reduced harshness, subsequently prolonging the life of the gearbox.

Weight of complete flywheel with cover and plate is just under 9KG. Saving 1.5KG compared to a standard assembly

Kit comes complete with, ARP flywheel bolts, clutch cover bolts, release bearing and balanced ready for fitment.