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BRAND NEW Swiftune Heritage Die Cast Pistons - Pistons

BRAND NEW Swiftune Heritage Die Cast Pistons

BRAND NEW Swiftune Heritage Die Cast Pistons
£255.00 £306.00 incl VAT
Swiftune Heritage 1275 Die Cast Pistons

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£255.00 £306.00 incl VAT


Brand new to Swiftune, our die cast performance pistons are part of our new heritage range and are manufactured by a global leading piston manufacturer, with German heritage. These pistons have been developed using our 50 plus years of experience, Glyn Swift was using die cast pistons in the early 70’s in the build of many competition A Series engines. These heritage pistons go back to old school methods, offering high quality die cast and industry standard NPR ring pack. The same ring pack which is found in all of our race engines. These pistons are available in +20, +40 and +60 and are for high performance road, clubman competition, rally, sprint, hillclimb and trackday, all at an affordable price.

Tech spec:
• High silicone hypereutectic alloy
• Forced Pin oiling • 6.5cc bowl
• 2mm bowl offset
• 38.05mm compression height
• 59.65mm total length
• 1.2mm NPR Japan steel nitrided top ring
• 1.2mm NPR Japan cast second ring
• 4.0mm NPR Japan steel Nifflex oil ring
• Running clearance 0.06mm (0.0025”)
• 60.0mm x 20.638mm pin size (press fit pin)
• Case hardened pin to 57-65 HRC
• Circlip grooves for floating pin (pin optional)