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Mini SW10 Fast Road / Track Day / Rally Camshaft Spring Kit

Swiftune SW10 Billet Camshaft - Spring Kit

Swiftune SW10 Billet Camshaft - Spring Kit
£250.00 £300.00 incl VAT
Swiftune SW10 Billet Camshaft - Spring Kit


Spring kit includes:

* Steel billet camshaft * Cam followers * Oil pump * Lock tab washer

* Double valve spring set

A wilder profile than the SW5-07, the SW10 is Swiftune's version of the highly successful MD286, same characteristics, but more efficient on idle to help the MOT emission test. Expect a lumpy engine idle, 'off cam' until 2800/3000rpm with the real power from 5000rpm. Ultimately the SW10 will produce approximately 10bhp more power at full revs.

Example graph is a 1380cc engine, SW10 camshaft, 1.5 rockers using a Weber 45 DCOE. Developing over 125hp and 108ft/lbs of torque!

Machining the SW10 from custom steel billet ensures the highest quality steel is used and deeper surface hardening achieves the superb wear performance of a race camshaft.

1275 Only.

Order 1275 camshaft kit for: 1275cc, 1275 to 1460cc(A and A Plus), 1071cc,970cc engines

All camshaft kits will fit Mini and MG Midget engines variants of the specific engine size.