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Mini A-Series Racing Swiftune Crown Wheel and Pinion 3.4 CWP

Swiftune Crown Wheel and Pinion 3.4

Swiftune Crown Wheel and Pinion 3.4
Price From: £299.00 £358.80 incl VAT
Swiftune Mini crown wheel and pinion 3.4

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Price From: £299.00 £358.80 incl VAT


Swiftune's race-proven crown wheel and pinions are semi-helical for maximum strength and superbly manufactured by Quaife, one of the UK's leading transmission manufacturers:

Tooth count : 71x21
1:1 Ratio

: 3.389
1.043:1 Ratio : 3.526
1.087:1 Ratio : 3.675

For Swiftune ATB and 4 Pin Differential please select STD Crownwheel and Pinion.

For Tran X, Salsbury Differentials with Ring Type Crownwheels please select LSD.

If you need any help choosing please contact us.