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Heritage Engine Kits

Heritage Engine Kits

  • Please note, due to our commitments to the 2022 race season, we are unable to process any more orders for our engine kits or heritage engines - if you wish to order please email so we can add you to our waiting list.

    The ultimate engine kits that give you all the components required to create the perfect balance of Power and Torque. The range covers 1330 to 1380 over 4 different specs to suit all enthusiasts. We’ve taken all the guess work out of your specification choices so you get it right the first time! With over 55 years of experience we’ve developed 4 different specs to cater for everyone’s taste. Take a look through the options available;

  • Sports Tourer 100…This one is all about torque and drivability
  • Road Rocket 110 …If it’s faster thrills you’re after without too much stress
  • Super Rocket 120 …Stretching out the top end power but you’ll need to modify cars bulkhead
  • Track Rocket 140 …Go wild! For the competition market or extreme road car!

    A note from Nick: “I am very excited to be re-introducing a new form of our legendary Swiftune “Road Rocket” engine kits to cater for the home build enthusiasts. It’s been well over 20 years since we’ve offered engine kits to the market but of late I’ve spoken to more and more road Mini owners that have been contacting Swiftune for advice of what specification of engine tune will suit their Mini and the type of driving that suits them. Many people already have a basic understanding of what they want but it’s the final execution of attention to detail to build the final suitable spec. It’s the key factors that matter so much like compatibility of camshaft profile, compression ratio, port air-speed, carburation and manifold choices that makes it all gel together to give the best driving experience. It’s all in these kits! At Swiftune we’ve been working hard to keep our racing engines at the front of the grid for decades and plenty of these developments can spill over into these kits, from the super smooth delivery of the “Sports Tourer 100” to the exciting new “Track Rocket 140” that suit the robust Trackday/Sprint/Libra/Bonkers Road users. That’s why the Heritage engine kits make your life so much easier with us taking care of all the details and engineering so you can concentrate on the Fun bit of engine assembly!”