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Mini Racing ATB Differential / Classic Mini Quaife LSD Diff

Swiftune Classic Mini Quaife ATB Differential

Swiftune Classic Mini Quaife ATB Differential
£625.00 £750.00 incl VAT
Swiftune Classic Mini Quaife ATB Differential


The Swiftune classic Mini Quaife ATB Automatic Torque Biasing differential offers the benefits of an LSD limited slip differential but saving you nearly £500!!

Providing the benefits of extra grip normally only associated with an LSD, the ATB delivers this without the need for costly extra parts whilst giving the driveability of a conventional open diff – what’s not to like about that?

One of the draw backs of fitting an LSD is that you need a special crown wheel and pinion and special output shafts which can get costly. The Swiftune Quaife ATB avoids the need for these by retaining original parts – just pop your original pot joints on. The ATB can also be swapped for a standard diff without the need to remove the engine and gearbox from the car (if retaining the original crown wheel) making the swap quick and simple.

Driving the Swiftune Quaife ATB is like driving a normal differential, just with more grip! Most limited slip diffs feature pre-load which saps power from the engine, makes corner turn-in difficult and results in torque steer. The ATB eliminates all of these features by working like an open diff until a wheel starts to lose grip. When one wheel starts to slip, the ATB sends torque to the wheel with more grip and keeps you accelerating.

The classic Mini ATB is designed for fast road/track day and certain competition use, where its benefits can be clearly seen. Exclusively available from Swiftune around the world, Quaife are so confident of their quality that they offer a lifetime guarantee with the ATB.