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Mini A-Series Racing Swift Shift Dog Engagement Straight Cut Gear Kit

Swift Shift Dog Engagement Gear Kit

Swift Shift Dog Engagement Gear Kit
£1,698.00 £2,037.60 incl VAT
Classic Mini Dog Engagement Gear Kit

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£1,698.00 £2,037.60 incl VAT


Please contact us if you require a Super Finished kit
This kit is the latest specification of our extremely successful Dog Engagement Gear Kit. The kit is now manufactured from aircraft grade material and has additional layshaft support under third gear.

Originally launched in 2005 and used by every Mini Miglia Champion since, the Swift Shift Dog Engagement A-Series Mini gear kit has been a huge success as racers are astonished by its ultra fast, slick gear changes. With over 350 kits sold world wide and many Championship victories the success of this gear kit speaks for itself.

2006 Dunlop Mini Miglia champion Bill Sollis used a Swiftune gearbox for the whole season. He says: “ At the end of a hard season it genuinely looks as good as new. The dogs are practically unmarked and the selector forks are perfect. All highly impressive for a gear kit sharing the oil with the engine and living in the sump! " Andy Hack also used a Swift-Shift gearbox to win the 2007, Dunlop Mini Miglia championship!

Special features are:

* Aircraft Grade material * Three bearing layshaft * Aluminium bronze super strong selector forks for ROD change gearbox * Hardened steel selector forks for REMOTE gearbox

* Modular lay gear * Unique dog tooth design for superb slick changes * Now available Super Finished (for 2.1 Rod)

For 2011 We have optimized the tooth counts, whilst retaining the same ratio sets that customers have become accustomed to. The purpose of this change is to decrease the working pressure angles of the constant mesh gears which will help to increase longevity in higher power/torque engines. Other new improvements include maximized bearing support under the main gears by increasing the bearing from 13mm to 17mm. This change is to reduce the inherent problem associated with all previous Mini Dog Engagement Gearboxes, where the design criteria does not allow for as much support, and therefore resistance to twisting under load, as would be seen in a synchromesh gearbox. The increase of 4mm per gear whilst not appearing much is a significant percentage increase of over 30% and will significantly increase the resistance to high torque loadings.

Ratios are as follows-

2.143, 1.486, 1.195, 1:1 Also available Super Finished

2.362, 1.564, 1.195, 1:1

1.692, 1.441, 1.197, 1:1 (U.S rolling start kit)