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Swiftune Mini Straight Cut Close Ratio A-Series Gear Kit Rod

Swiftune SC-CR Gearset Rod

Swiftune SC-CR Gearset Rod
£690.00 £828.00 incl VAT


Classic Straight Cut Close Ratio Gear-set for the four synchro Mini gearbox.

Swiftune have become renowned for their range of transmission products and the straight cut close ratio synchro gear-set is the latest product in our range.

All cars lose power through the transmission but this loss can be reduced with a good set of gears. Straight cut gears are not just stronger than the originals; they significantly reduce power loss through the transmission getting more power through to the wheels. Closer ratios reduce the rev drop between gears keeping the car in its optimum power band and this kit uses the original Special Tuning ratios of:

2.54 :1

Utilising many of the standard gearbox components, the kit contains replacement gears and layshaft. These gears are manufactured for us by Quaife and feature coated synchro cones for added durability. The kit is available in either rod or remote fitting.

If you are investing in a gear-kit, invest in a British made gear-kit......Buy Swiftune.