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Omega Pistons

Lightweight forged pistons available in various sizes.

Up Your Power

Join us at the top of Mini motorsport.

Swiftune Parts Shop

We have a dedicated range of Swiftune components available to suit your engine or Historic Racing Mini

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Swiftune Mini Madgwick

Like a Mini Cooper S, only better!” Octane Magazine.

The small car with a big heart

Throughout the year, you won’t have to look far to find a Swiftune Mini being put through its paces at historic events all over the world. From championship winning customers in the USA, to catching Nick Swift proving his title as a Goodwood Revival legend, you are able to share our passion for these amazing little cars both track side and online.

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Engine Building

Mini Madgwick

ATB Differential for Classic Mini

Swiftune’s Classic Mini ATB -Automatic Torque Biasing- differential This ATB diff delivers a cost saving of almost £500.00 because it fits directly into the standard transmission without the need for a new crown wheel and pinion or matching output shafts…just push in the standard pot joints! The Automatic Torque Biasing LSD Differential enables your Mini to accelerate quicker and corner faster. How? Simply by getting the power to the ground!


(£750.00 incl VAT)

Heritage Die Cast Pistons

Our die cast performance pistons are part of our new heritage range and are manufactured by a global leading piston manufacturer, with German heritage. These pistons are available in +20, +40 and +60 and are for high performance road, clubman competition, rally, sprint, hillclimb and trackday.


(£306.00  incl VAT)

SW5 Billet Road Camshaft

The SW5 is the ideal road camshaft; below 5500rpm it produces more power than the 286 profile. On average you will spend 90 per cent of your road driving below 5500rpm. The SW5 is still no slouch! Combined with 1380cc. 1.5 ratio rockers, L3 head and a single HIF44 it produces around 100hp with 100ft/lbs of torque pulling with wide open throttle below 2100rpm!


(£254.40 incl VAT)

Like father, like son

I’ve always known that Swiftune was to be my future. It was a natural progression that I should move into the ‘driving seat’, which I did in 1995.

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